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Magma Maintained is a fork of the popular Magma project. We aim to provide a more stable version of Magma.


Download the latest version on the discord server. Here we provide support for this software.


Licensed under the GNU License. This means everyone can use, share and modify Magma Maintained.


Magma Maintained is a Minecraft hybrid server fork of Magma. It is maintained by the community (mainly TonimatasDEV) and is not affiliated with Magma Foundation.

The project came from the need to have a maintained version of Magma, since the original project was abandoned. The main goal of Magma Maintained is to provide a stable and updated version of Magma, in latest versions and bug fixes.

Most of the developers of Magma left the project, and the it was abandoned. This is because they started being passionate about developing Magma, but then they lost interest in the project. The developers who still wanted to work on hybrid servers developed Ketting.


The preferred server software for most people.